Christian Education

Rocky Springs Church strongly supports education that is distinctively Christian. We financially assist with scholarships our families who homeschool or send their children to local Christian Schools. Over the years, we have had several members support our families and those in the broader Christian community in manifold ways. Some have done so by tutoring homeschool children individually, as well as with local Co-operatives and Study Centers. Others have assisted Grove City Christian Academy in Grove City, Pa as board members, as volunteers, as bus drivers, as substitute teachers, as Headmaster, and more. Currently, one of our members teaches at another local Christian School, Christian Life Academy in Seneca, Pa. Children from our congregation have attended GCCA, CLA, the local Study Centers, and have participated in activities at Portersville Christian School. We want to support these local schools by providing links to their websites and encourage everyone to support them or your local Christian School. May God raise up a new generation that will think and live Christianly.

Grove City Christian Academy

Christian Life Academy

Portersville Christian School